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  • 1/18/13 – Stop Guessing w/ SEO!

    We all have our opinions as to what is being searched each day, week and month online via the major search engines. Luckily for all of us and our organizations, we have the ability to actually see which search terms make the most sense for our respected companies concerning the only thing the matters when weighing marketing of any sort – RETURN!

    As each year passes by the SEO industry continues to up it’s game in the areas of content, analytics and practices we all need to implement in order to see the best return for our organizations. So the vital question must be asked, why in the world do business owners still guess as to which keyword search terms they should be targeting? More importantly, why do SEO companies agree?

    We’ve heard it all too many times, “People are going to Google this, and others will Google that”. How do you know? Is it because that is what you would search for? The beauty of ethical organic SEO today is that we no longer need to guess. From expensive software to Google themselves, there are a number of ethical avenues we must take in order to gain intelligent visibility. We forget how well we know our own industries, and simply do not consider what our ideal demogrpahic is searching for.

    At Ranking Carolina, we dig up the facts and educate first. We believe each business we partner with must be able to weigh their potential for return based on concrete numbers verses assumptions of what indidivuals “think”.  The intelligence is at our fingertips, so let’s embrace it and get you an efficient online brand that speaks to an audience we know is in the market for your products or services.

    - The Ranking Carolina Team