We Make Data Simple

It's one thing to see reporting. It's another to invest in people who understand the data behind the reports. And yet it's quite another to work with a company that can communicate data analysis in plain English. That's where RANKING CAROLINA® comes in with an uncommon approach to reporting & analytics.

We understand that websites are used by people. Humans. The more we understand the people who use our websites, the more knowledge we are armed with to make better business decisions and create more meaningful experiences online. Our ultimate goal at RANKING CAROLINA® is to align the intelligent and fact-based digital strategies we implement for our partners with their overarching business objectives.

Owners and key decision-makers don’t always have time to read multiple-page reports each month, so we sift through the data and summarize key points from the past month's activities. We look both at where a website is ranked on search engine results pages and how those rankings translate into traffic and actions on a website. Each month we analyze Google® Analytics data, including referral sources, paid search through integration with Google® Ads (if campaign applicable), page performance, and audience segments, including geographic areas and mobile visitors.

We work hand-in-hand with our partners each month to help increase campaign performance and website positioning over time. This helps us to deliver actionable insights, explain the meaning behind the numbers and when necessary adapt strategy components the next month. If this sounds like the type of ongoing partnership you are looking for, give us a holler so we can sit down and talk shop.

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