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At RANKING CAROLINA®, everything we do, we aim to do well. We craft carefully, beautifully and to the utmost of our ability. We challenge the status quo with our creativity and insight. We make sure the things we build are both beautiful and functional. And that all starts with a focus on the details and a genuine love for what we do.

In our industry, the things we build are not measured by inches and centimeters as they are in some other crafts, but by pixels and grids. We test, re-test and test some more to make sure the work we put out is truly representative of the best we have to give. Being cross-device and cross-browser friendly is becoming increasingly important. Having a website that is viewable and usable on more than just a desktop computer will continue to grow as more people use mobile devices for business. We create synergy for our partners amongst smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers.

Our website design philosophy centers on Shibui. Although there is no English word that serves as an exact translation, Shibui is a Japanese word which refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Others have translated Shibui to mean "devoid of all unnecessary things." Each website we create is clean, professional and designed to achieve results.

Most importantly, the things we build at RC are measured by how relevant the work is to our partners and their customers. Our hands, minds and hearts all come together to create things that actually make a difference in the lives and businesses of our partners. Take a look at our work and you will see the passion, dedication and execution that goes into every original piece of art we create.

Herein lies the power of a custom web design built by RANKING CAROLINA®. We want you to stand out, not blend in. We want your business to impress, not disappoint. We want your site to be convenient, not a hassle for people to navigate.

If this sounds like the culture of a company you would like to partner with, contact us for more information.

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