Nick Andrews

Interactive Designer and Developer

Nick received an Associates of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design from Pitt Community College where he subsequently taught Flash CS5/Dreamweaver CS5 classes in the college's Graphic Design Department. Before joining Ranking Carolina, Nick most recently served as Web Developer/Art Director for a marketing firm in Greenville, NC where his work focused on website development, print design, photography, audio production and video production. Nick brings the ability to combine a variety of interactive disciplines into an online experience that communicates our client's online brands. Nick enjoys building things that are new and unique from the ground up. Nick is a Certified CSS Developer with fundamental knowledge of web development using CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 from w3schools.

Things That Rank High on Nick's Weekend List

Spending time with my daughter and family, shooting video & photography, brewing fine ales and DIY projects.

Why I Like Being A Part of RC

I enjoy being a problem solver and building websites from the ground up. Being a part of RC is great because I am able to work with a team that focuses on creative solutions to best achieve our client’s visions.

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